Marie v.d. Palen Genealogy Guestbook Entries

Willeke Spelt - April 13, 2009 - E-mail
Hi, I am the daughter of Anna Clara. I am your cousin so for me a surprise that I saw your site. I am one of the twins, married with two children. Greetings, Wilma

Marielle van den Hurk - Feb. 17, 2005 - URL:
Helmond, Netherlands
Hi James, I was just looking at your website to find out if you have got more information for me about the 'van de Gevel' family. Nice to see the link to my website. Hope to send you more information about the ancestors of Wilhelmus van de Gevel.

Rob H.J.A. Doorleijers - Aug. 3, 2004 - E-mail
Country: NL
My name is Rob Doorleijers and I'm a grandson of Anna Clara Schoofs van der Palen and Josephus Schoofs. Since my grandmother past away a long time ago in 1979, I don't know much about her side of the family. I came across your site a couple of weeks ago and found it very interesting to read about a little bit of my family history. Together with my mother Eugenie Doorleijers Schoofs we went through our photographs and realized that we hardly have any pictures of the Van der Palen family so it was all the more exciting to see the pictures of my grandmothers parents and siblings on your website. I've enclosed a picture of my grandmother from the same peroid as the one's on the site (it looks like she's wearing the same blouse as her sister Wilhelmina). While going through the photographs with my mother we also found a number of letters that your mother has sent to my mother over the years and also an article featuring your parent in a dutch magazine from 1982 about farming. If your interested in the letters and the article and perhaps more pictures from my grandparent just let me know and I'll scan them and sent them to you. Thank you for putting all the information on the internet. With best regards, Rob Doorleijers.

Pete Jacobs - Jan. 7, 2004 - E-mail
1508 Waltham Court, Arlington, Texas 76012-2122 USA
Telephone: 817 543-0831
Relationship: Son to Guy and Marie
Jim, thanks for taking the time to post the v/d Palen family tree information as we know it. I'm looking forward to contributions from some of our cousins. Pete

Joann Perko - Jan. 3, 2004 - E-mail
235 Maple Ct., Windsor, CO 80550 USA
Telephone: 817-543-0831
Relationship: Daughter of Guy and Marie Jacobs
Thanks for making this page, Jim. Looks great.

James Q. Jacobs - Jan. 3, 2004 - - E-mail: Contact
Relationship: Son of Guy and Marie Jacobs
Hello Family, I'm testing these new pages. Do place and update your contact info here. I hope a few distant relatives will find and use this forum to let others know how they can be contacted, and to add to the genealogy.

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